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Rock & roll is a lot like love

You keep on giving it another try even when you ought to know better. Why? Because it’s fun and it feels good, at least when it’s working.

Brian Raleigh has been playing rock & roll long enough to know the odds career-wise, and that it doesn’t pay to wear your heart on your sleeve in a world where shtick sells better than truth and soul. But for good or ill, Raleigh refuses to give up the ghost, and after fighting the good fight with his bands Porchsleeper and Fidrych (not to mention plenty of other projects that drifted under the radar), he’s back with a new project, Television City. And it’s clear Raleigh hasn’t given up on rock for a really good reason — he’s good at it, and he and his friends having a blast playing it.

Television City finds Raleigh and his cohorts mixing up a roots rocker’s love of a good melody, a rock dude’s passion for big guitars, and an aging punk’s undying affection for energy and snarky wit. Then add in the no-bullshit heart, soul, and sweat of a guy who has spent years wearing out albums by the Replacements, Springsteen, and Petty, among the many acts who’ve left their mark on his musical imagination. This is hooky, shout-along rock for people who know that rock ‘n’ roll can save your life, as long as you’re not so foolish as to take it too seriously. It’s music for a Saturday night that can still find a home during the middle of the week.

Television City is Raleigh’s vehicle — he writes the songs, sings lead, and plays guitar — but he knows a good rock band is rarely a one man show, and he’s assembled a great team of like-minded musicians to help bring the tunes to life. His partners in Television City are local guitar hero Garret Bielniec (The Rockets, Billy Raffoul), Kristin Von B. (Crossed Lines and Betty Cooper) on bass and backing vocals, Dave Feeny (Blanche, Loretta Lynn) on pedal steel and keys, and Jim Faulkner (The Beggars) on drums.

With great songs, solid players, and a infallible instinct about when to emphasize the tunes and when to crank the guitars, Television City is the sort of band that can remind you why you fell for this rock ‘n’ roll business in the first place. Except they’ll try hard not to make you regret it in the morning.


Brian Raleigh: Vocals, Mediocre Guitars & Keyboards

Garret Bielaniec: Really Good Guitars

Kristin VonBernthal: Bass & Sings like a Bird

Dave Feeny: Organ, Pedal Steel & Middle Relief

Jim Faulkner: Drums & Spirit Animal



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no Depression

Michigan Band Flexes Its Musical Muscle With Americana-Garage Country-Rock

"The band maintained a steady stream of tight wonderfully written melodic Americana-Garage Rock...Television City hits the majority of their balls out of the park -- consistently" (4/18)


KO63 Music

Television City — Giving it one more shot for rock and roll

"If a musician wants to make it in this wild and wooly business, singer-songwriter seems to be a pretty good way to go. Brian Raleigh, frontman for Television City, wouldn’t disagree, but he’s taking a different tact with his band...these Motown mavericks have a damn good shot of making it."


patchcord news

Television City premiers "Brenda Lived by the lake"

"Detroit-roots rock band, Television City, recently premiered their song “Brenda Lived By The Lake”. Led by the songwriting of Brian Raleigh, he and his cohorts are described as mixing up a love of a good melody, a rock dude’s passion for big guitars, and an aging punk’s undying affection for energy and snarky wit." (3/18)



Interview: Television City singer Brian Raleigh talks about band's self-titled debut

“There’s a new band in Detroit and soon fans the world over will be able to tune in to the music of Television City.” (4/18)



Exclusive Track Premiere: Television City, “Engadine”

"Popdose presents the premiere of “Engadine”, from a new entry into the rock & roll fray, Television City." (2/18)

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Premier: "Brenda Lived By The Lake" 

"Glide is very proud to premiere “Brenda Lived By The Lake” from Television City’s self-titled debut album due April 27, 2018. Television City deliver this boozy rocker with the irritated kick of Drive by Truckers and the road house rhythm of bygone golden greats..." (2/18)


Review Fix 

Television City’s Brian Raleigh Talks Debut Album And More

“Review Fix chats with Television City’s singer/songwriter and guitarist Brian Raleigh who discuss their debut album, detailing its creation process, the band’s origin and goals and what makes them special.” (4/18)


white noise


"The album kicks off with “Brenda Lived By The Lake.” The track is the epitome of rock, with big guitars, and vocals that are full of energy. In all honesty, the song is the epitome of rock & roll" (4/18)

Publicity: Monica Hopman, Think Press, Los Angeles, Ca